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Shri PM Modi also believed in Vastu Shastra. | Why is the BJP becoming more popular day by day?

Even Vaastu Shastra Says Northeast Is Important, Says PM Modi

In 2014, months after becoming prime minister, he described the northeast as India's "Ishan Kon (or northeastern corner)". Prime Minister Narendra Modi referred to the traditional Indian practice of "Vaastu Shastra" as he delivered a victory speech after the BJP's success in the northeast.

"I am no expert but I have been told that even vaastu shastra says the northeast of a house is very important," PM Modi remarked as he addressed workers in Delhi celebrating the party's big day.

It is not the first time he has belaboured the theme.

"Those who believe in Vaastu Shastra know that the 'ishan kon' of a house should be taken care of. So the northeast should be developed for the country's well-being," he said in Guwahati.

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Even the new Indian Parliament is designed as per the Vastu Shastra

This new Indian Parliament building has been in the spotlight for so long that it’s next to impossible that nobody will incorporate Vastu into it, but a triangular-shaped building is an ideal choice as per the Vastu Shastra.

There is no doubt that the BJP government needs to leave the round-shaped Parliament if it wishes to win the 2024 elections. Its driving force is ideological obscurantism.

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Let's talk about these two famous actors: Face of Indian Film and Khiladi from Bollywood

Amitabh Bachchan
Without a doubt, Pratiksha, Amitabh Bachchan's Juhu property, has many advantages. It is located in the northeast corner (for prosperity and success).

The NE orientation (Ishanya angle) is significant when choosing a property and drawing out an architectural plan for a house. There is spiritual energy flowing in this direction.

In such homes, a person improves their health, wealth, and name & fame.

Akshay’s house is Vastu-friendly
Living room: As per Vastu, the centre of the home must be kept free for the free flow of energies. This is important for Health and Well Being.

Dining room: The dining table should not fold against a wall; it should be comfortable for family members; and wide glass windows create a positive atmosphere, particularly when you have a lush green garden.

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